The End of Wesleyan Accountability in the #UMC



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Not, as you say, "Top Down" to me. I'm in a back pew neat the bottom...

And, from my distant pew and most non-celebrated opinion, I simply will not accept homosexuals as spiritual leaders in my church. And, if not in my specific church, if my denomination says its all fine on a local option basis, my contributions and my continued presence would signal that I am fine with it. I am not. I want no association, connection with it and will not give one penny in support of it. There are so many interpretations of Wesley, in fact, so many interpretations of the Bible by our lofty learned bishops, who can tell what is truth? I just want my old church where the issue is all about our duties and salvation, not about sex...

Reese more than 3 years ago

Ah but it is you

In your first sentence who makes it all about sex. Why not quit worrying what others do in their own homes and mind your own business?

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

Your post

I couldn't care less what others do in their homes, but I don't want sin preached as righteousness, or celebrated in matrimony in my sanctuary.

Christopher Lee more than 3 years ago

The difference between Wesley's time and the present

Under Wesley's oversight, every Methodist was operating from a common understanding of who God is, who we are and what God expects of us in this life. Currently, we are nowhere close to being on the same page. We are nothing more than a house divided against itself so there is absolutely no way for the church to function as it was designed to function. The structure with "local accountability" allowed for variations on a theme, not everybody embracing a completely different set of beliefs. It is time to end the insanity--not adjust our polity to embrace it.

betsy more than 3 years ago