The Only Two Avenues for Viable Change in This #UMC Chaos



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Hi, Jeremy.
Thank you for clearly specifying the criteria you are using to evaluate the various options. One point about your time line is that enabling legislation can be passed at the same time as constitutional amendments. Therefore, amendments passed at 2016 could be implemented by 2018, not having to wait until 2021.

With regard to a moratorium on church trials: Why not a moratorium on performing same-sex unions or weddings? Why should those who favor the current Discipline be the ones to give in? There would be no trials if there were no violations.

Having said that, I believe a moratorium on trials on this issue could be part of a comprehensive solution that is supported by leaders across the theological spectrum. For instance, if the Jurisdictional Plan were supported by leaders left, center, and right, it would have a much greater chance of passing (even though it required constitutional amendments). In exchange for such support, it might be possible to include a time-specific moratorium on church trials for pastors who have presided over same-sex unions as part of the enabling legislation or as a separate piece of legislation.

My point is, if evangelicals believe that we are moving toward a comprehensive solution, there is room for compromise to help bring that about.

So in the final analysis, I think you are being too restrictive in your criteria. It all depends upon whether leaders across the theological spectrum can come upon a plan that they all support. Without that broad support, you are right that any plan requiring constitutional amendments will not pass.

Thanks for helping us think through the issues around our current crisis.

Tom Lambrecht more than 7 years ago


We could split the UMC along a Red State/Blue State Map thusly, with lines of refugees trekking both ways ala the India-Pakistan split of 1947. ... Of course, we Blues would soon be overcome with an influx of refugees.

(Comment edited to remove personal references).

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago