The UMC Is Hanging by a Thread from the Bishops' Robes



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The bishops earned the mistrust

The bishops took vows to uphold the Book of Discipline. They have intentionally and repeatedly broken those vows. They have not only lost our trust, they have broken it.

A Congregant more than 2 years ago

Would retired bishops have a retirement-oriented priority?

Didn't I read that half or so of these bishops are RETIRED? Well, how would that impact their attitudes on the future of the denomination that pays their retirement? Surely that would not influence their decisions, right? Next point: We Americans, left or right, are mistrusting of governing bodies by our history and our nature. Not fair to blame only we conservatives for our reluctance to trust our church government (bishops) - it is our nature as Americans. #3 The future of United Methodism does NOT lie in the bishops' hands. In fact, it lies in the hands of we who give, who volunteer, who show up. The bishops will file their epistle at long last, in a process that is, by design, way too long, a decision made mostly in secret meetings. We plain old pewsters will make our decisions thereafter and will make no secret of it. The bishops are in a no-win situation as whatever their decision, the cancer of liberalism has metastasized in the UMC and the inevitable demise is just a matter of timing.

Reese more than 2 years ago

And if there is distrust of the Bishops

by the folks at Good News, Wesleyan Covenant Association, as well as individuals like me, it is because the majority of Bishops are operating from a completely different understanding than us. We are not the enemy, we simply think differently than you and thus see the church differently as well as what God expects of us in this life. The only thing currently holding us together is a history with a name and a structure and that is not enough. Bottom line is as much as you want the church to go "your way", we want it to go "our way". The American Branch of The United Methodist Church cannot continue on as a conflicted church with contradictory beliefs cancelling each other out and leaving the church saying nothing in particular.

Betsy more than 2 years ago

A reality that everybody needs to grasp

The flock has so long been fed from whatever sources it could find and many different streams, that the particular theological and doctrinal commitments that mark a church as a Methodist church have all but vanished.

Somewhere along the way when it came to specific doctrine/theology, The United Methodist Church in America started indulging in free thinking. All this free thinking is NOT a Wesleyan understanding of a unique faith tradition that is only one small part of the universal Church. Nor does it reflect a Wesleyan understanding of a person who is truly of the catholic spirit. The United Methodist Church is no longer Methodist.

Betsy more than 2 years ago

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