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What's missing in the discussion

What I find missing in this discussion is what the scripture says. I see talk of political labels (progressive, traditionalist) and other cultural things, but no one is looking at what scripture says about sin and the effect on our witness. Yes, I said sin. The Bible is clear on what it is. When in doubt go read it. The Holy Spirit will not move in a Church that is being led by someone living in a sinful lifestyle of any kind. I have heard LGBT practicing Clergy in a small town in the south (it is not just happening on the west coast people) tell the congregants that the Bible is "just a book", nothing more important than Dr. Suess. That sounds like blasphemy. Folks, it is time to get back into the Word to find our direction, not look at cultural progression or what is now considered normal. That has never been a solution.

GlennP 295 days ago


I guess you will have to decide whether you are Old Testament Jews or New Testament Christians. Jesus’ comments on homosexuality follow:

Jerry Redfield 256 days ago

Aside from the misrepresentation in your title (more words than advertised, but all clergy do that)...

Dr. Jeremy, your statement: “And they (“traditionalists”) believe their numbers and influence are such that they don’t need progressives (or even moderates) in the Church anymore. They’ve “gone about as far as they can go.” is most disingenuous. You imply that we traditionalists do not want them in the pews in worship with the rest of us sinners. You know that isn’t true. I’ve been southern Methodist all my life and never heard that.
Perhaps there might be an isolated UMC church somewhere that runs out the homosexuals, but I do not know of one. My Methodist experience welcomed all sinners to the pews, all visitors to communion, and anyone to the Sunday Night covered dish supper who brought a dish.
What you want is something else, something too far for traditionalists. What you want is for us to accept certain lifestyles that we have lived in believing were wrong. You want authority in the church and weddings in the church to signal to society that the variances are not variances at all. You want a credibility level that you think an official church full endorsement will give.
Let me put it this way: You progressives use the letter “Q” to generally represent a lifestyle. There is nothing in my life that can be represented with a “Q”. There will never be. Certainly not my place of worship. I know many “Q”s, I have worked with “Q”s, had one and a suspected second “Q” in the family. I’ve had “Q” customers in my sales career. Doesn’t matter. Don’t care. What “Q”s do is irrelevant to me. But, I am a “T” – “traditionalist”. I will never see a “T” and a “Q” as the same. I will not change. I will not accept a “Q” as any spiritual leader, or any “Q” marriage as Blessed as that would conflict with my “T” orientation.
So, I would never support faithfully or financially any religious organization which says a “Q” and a “T” are the same. In business, does not matter. In government, does not matter. My neighbors, does not matter. In my religion, it matters!
At the bottom line, the old phrase, “the irresistible force meets the immovable mass” is where we are. A new phrase: Q at the beginning of a word, with T at the end, and with U and I in the middle, spells QUIT. That is what the UMC is facing no matter what the vote might be…

Reese more than 1 year ago

Conferences are the basic organizing unit.

GC won't do anything. No proposal garners support from 2 out of the 3 major wings (Cons, Mod/Lib, Progessive) of the denomination. The jurisdictional structure will prevent GC from disciplining the conferences outside their jurisdiction (which was the intent). No churches will be allowed to leave unless it's in the best interest of their conference. Any conferences that choose to leave are free to do so and would be, under our structure, the way a schism would occur.

Chad more than 1 year ago


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