What Trump's Election Reveals about the Wesleyan Covenant Association



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No clue

This article was so funny... how can you stereotype an entire group of people? I live in the Bible belt and I support W.C.A. I did not support Trump, in fact I'm against Christians vocally supporting the womanizing xenophobic Trump, on the grounds that it hurts our witness. I support WCA but that doesn't mean I want a schism, why should we leave? Within a couple of years the Africans will out number Americans in the UMC and they are conservative Bible believers. It seems if anyone should leave the UMC it should be the ones that aren't really Christians! If there is a schism, the WCA should affirm Lordship Salvation!

Rodney Spencer more than 4 years ago


I live in the area where the "Bible Belt" meets the "Rust Belt," but I do not fit the stereotype which is the basis of your assumptions. I did not vote for Donald Trump. I am, however a strong supporter of the W.C.A. Leaders of the W.C.A. have made it clear to me that they believe in the essential biblical principle of love for one's neighbor and also in the biblical concept of marriage. I strongly agree with both of these positions.

Mark Flynn more than 4 years ago

My biggest problem with the United Methodist Church

It has degenerated into conflicting and contradictory factions jockeying for position and control who just love to take pot shots at each other. Since GC2012, I have spent enough time listening to many many voices across the spectrum of beliefs that currently has The United Methodist Church in turmoil to know that everybody has become very good at pointing out the speck in each other's eye without dealing with the massive log in their own! Enough! There is absolutely no doubt that you have no trust in the WCA, so quit already! There is no better proof than this article that The United Methodist Church is in the midst of a very serious and deep schism.

Betsy more than 4 years ago