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Making doctrinal decisions at the local level make it no longer United nor a Church

Unless we cede decisions of ethics, theology, and conduct to the authority of the Bible which is referenced by the BOD there will be no Church, No UMC, just a semblance of doomed lost congregants. There is a reason John Wesley told his followers to study the Church fathers, study tradition, study the word and all if its deep meanings. It was to prevent imorality and misinterpretations in the bible. We should be making biblical arguments on why we should change and permit homosexual "marriage" and ordination. The traditionalist want to preserve the bible yet the others want to reimagine the BOD as not having to cede its authority to the bible.

Brian more than 2 years ago

This is true whether principle or particular:

"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 27:12

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Its a little late to be concerned about the local church

If the One Church Plan had passed we would still be at the same impasse and local churches which contain a mixture of views would still have to make a decision.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Not under the OCP

The local church wouldn't have to make ANY decision under the OCP.
The local church doesn't have to make any decision under the Traditionalist Plan, either.

They can just keep on doing what they are doing, in either case.

That does mean accepting things that some people may not deem to be acceptable (in both cases). And if there are enough of those folks, there could be a decision (not forced, free will is pretty awesome) to exit the denomination.

Local churches would only have to make a decision if we actually have a schism - because they'd have to decide who they wanted to be.

I do not understand the reluctance of certain folks with respect to a vote.

JR more than 2 years ago

One problem

Without a general idea of where the UMC is going to land (among the various options being floated), we can't get from principles to particulars. We can address more of a 'general case' scenario for each plan, but that's still more at the principle level.

Once we figure out the plan to move forward, we can get into the particulars. But we can't really get there until we have a direction. And unfortunately the various powers-that-be are still fighting over the direction.

The UMC seems quite ill-equipped from a structural perspective to address this, which is probably why it's all gotten so bad.

JR more than 2 years ago