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This conservative father of three daughters says, "Thanks for your willingness to serve and..."

Never be ambiguous! Those amendments were legalese baloney. Whether they were intended to cloak a hidden agenda or not, they appeared to. Read nothing into their defeat except the ability of Methodists to read and understand the English language.
In these days, there should be nothing holding you back. You will face some serious challenges as our church comes apart, but which ever side you decide to serve Him in, you will be needed and wanted. Serve where your talents and enthusiasm will best serve Him and you will be Blessed with a great career.
May God Bless you with health, happiness and meaningful milestones. And, don't forget to have a good time! Proud of you!

Reese more than 3 years ago

It seems awfully unfair.

These votes came down to specific wording. Some of the wording was actually incorrect. To then state that Methodists don't believe in equal rights between men and women, well, that just seems really unfair to me. It isn't an accurate characterization of what I believe the majority of Methodists believe.

Do we in fact believe that the gifts of women are important enough to withstand a two-thirds majority vote? It boggles my mind how someone would answer that question with a 'no' as a United Methodist. But surely it would get 67%.

Chad more than 3 years ago