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I couldn't agree more

Thank you for your article, Mark.

Steve Heyduck more than 1 year ago


I was born and raised into this mess in 1960. The LGBT hatred was written into the BOD when I was only 12 y/o and just discovering my gay adult body/self.

Never was able to trust the UMC. Still don't. Reading the ugly anti-LGBT messages on this board proves my distrust.

Someone send up a sky-writer to let me know when the bigots are gone.

Ben U more than 1 year ago

Lack of trust is a major problem

I believe it was a major survey of the UMC prior to GC2012 that established that there was a lack of trust in the leadership of the UMC. Unfortunately, it was never acknowledged by leadership and they never took any steps to rebuild trust. They continued to operate on their perception of what would be best and promoted the One Church Plan even as traditionalists clearly and consistently said that is not a viable option. The aftermath of GC2019 confirmed that American leadership has very little respect for the traditionalist way of thinking and they will never submit themselves to it regardless of what General Conference decides. I appreciate the thought, but I believe the time for trust building has long since past.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Trust? Surely you jest?

Members, clergy, and bishops who refuse to abide by the rules as properly voted on in multiple GC sessions. Clergy and bishops who broke the oath they made before God to uphold the Book of Discipline. Bishops who pushed a One ChurchPlan fashioned to uphold unity and preserve their pensions instead of backing the plan that follows God’s Word.

Why would anyone think we could trust these secularists who have tried over and over to take us down the road of secular social justice instead of following the Word of God? There is no trust of those who have broken their oaths, sacrificed their principles, and disobeyed God. The opportunity to rebuild trust has long passed. Our energies, time and resources need to be focused on splitting the UMC as quickly and equitably as possible.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Hard to Trust!

Steve, it is hard to establish trust when the greatest barrier to that outcome is your arrogant, judgmental posture. I was ordained 50 years ago and have offered pastoral care, celebrated weddings & funerals, preached Christ, and led worship to the best of my ability. And yet, you dare to accuse me of breaking oaths, sacrificing principles, and disobeying God because I interpret the Bible and God's will differently than you do. Sad! If you think voting in church councils always expresses the will of God, you don't have much knowledge of church history or the entire biblical record in which human understanding of God's will has always been an evolutionary process. I feel sad for you if you believe our elected bishops acted to preserve their pensions (not an issue) in order to advance a plan that they believed provided the best way forward. Blessings!

Jim Fellers more than 1 year ago

Arrogance no, Disgust Absolutely

The opportunity to establish trust has long since passed. What you mistake for arrogance is actually disgust with UMC clergy and leadership for failing to do their jobs. For failing to uphold the BoD, for failing to remove and defrock clergy who had not followed the BoD. You can be assured that if I failed to do my job, my employer would not hesitate to remove me from my job. So, why are these church “leaders” not removed?

Arrogance is Bishops, clergy and laity who refuse to abide by GC2019 election to follow the Traditional Plan. Arrogance is appointing an openly lesbian to a bishop. Arrogance is conducting same sex marriages, participating in gay pride parades and celebrating homosexuality when the BoD clearly tells us homosexuality is not in alignment with Christian principles.

I have been a UMC member for 50+ years. For most of those years I have had good evangelical Bible based teaching. I don’t have to be ordained to know what the Bible (and therefore God) tells us about homosexuality. The Bible is very clear that homosexual behavior is a sin and marriage is only between a man and a woman. If a clergyman is unable to preach these two basic tenets of the Bible, then they lack credibility to teach others and serve as a church leader. Basically such individuals have decided it is better to teach secular social justice issues rather than what God expects from us and obeying the rules he has provided us. Those who think rules don’t apply to them, whether it be following the Traditionalist Plan, the BoD, or the Bible itself exhibit the height of arrogance and have no right to ask us to trust them.

A thoroughly disgusted follower of Christ and former UMC member

Steve more than 1 year ago


A rather uncivil set of responses, Steve. This is Christian love?

Ben U more than 1 year ago