Relationships, Not Regulation, Key to UMC's Future



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the big picture

From the North Pole the earth appears to circle to the right. From the South Pole the earth appears to circle to the left.

If one pole says to the other, ‘you are going the wrong direction, reverse your course’ the globe would stop and no longer rotate as the energy exerted by the poles would actually oppose each other.

Though the poles have opposing views, one thing is true for each of them and that is the light coming from the sun. The sun is not part of the earth, and it is not impacted by things of the earth. It’s light shines on all facing it.

We don’t have to agree to go the same direction to receive the light (Salvation). Neither pole controls the light given by the sun to itself or the other.

Perhaps the Bible (rather than the Book of Order) is the law of gravity which is a natural law and determines what keeps things from entering into chaos and ultimate destruction.

tim more than 4 years ago

Praying for complete separation

Unlike those "progressive", secular social justice warriors who want to find some kind of middle ground, I am praying for complete and total separation from such biblically unsound principals and those who espouse them. When something as clearly stated in the Bible as homosexuality is a sin is intentionally denied or misguided to laity, I can no longer trust or give credibility to any such church leader. The Book of Discipline is nothing without holding our leaders accountable to its tenets. Thus, a clean, new slate of starting over with other Biblically minded members is the best I can hope for from the UMC I once loved and supported. Let the secular humanists/social justice warriors go their own misguided way, but I don't want them contaminating my theology any longer.

Steve more than 4 years ago


Every large organization has to have rules, policies,regulations and a means to resolve disputes or it would be non-functional. The question about what to do with rule breakers will never go away.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

So, it boils down to a coin toss?

At the bottom line, we who have held to the principles, moral guidance and rules detailed in the Book, should throw those out in the name of "whatever you call love is fine". What do we tell the kids to whom we have tried to instill a moral compass over these years? All sinners have been welcome in the pews at the Methodist churches I have known. But, not in the management, the leadership, the clergy of the church. We welcomed weddings of all races, colors and creeds, but only between a man and a woman. Now, flip a coin and forget the morality rules and just have a good time? Here is some news for you: the UMC is going out of business. Churches are petitioning to leave, more will follow as the "way forward" charade finally spills the beans on itself. People like me who used to give above average now give ZERO – and seldom show up. A few conferences are nearing financial rigor mortis and you are flipping a coin for love? Be sure to widely disseminate your writings as it will help my less involved fellow pewsters understand why I find more religion now at the golf course (where the rules are firm and set and we are expected to follow them at all times). And, what might be called "mission creep", I notice that now after the "Q" comes a + sign. What possibly comes next, "pedophilia"? Final point, "laws" keep us from chaos and anarchy in our citizen's life; do they not stabilize our spiritual life?

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago


Editor's note: This comment was edited to remove an implication that Dr. Harper attended the most recent meeting of the Commission on A Way Forward's meeting in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Harper is not a member of the Commission and the Commission's meetings are closed to both the public and the media.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 4 years ago

lol. So, fly all over for closed meetings?

This beats TV. The UMC, I suppose, is flying these select great spiritual leaders all over, (Chicago, Berlin... wherever) and the meetings are "CLOSED TO BOTH THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA?" If they are not visiting the lay leaders in all those places to get a feel for what the local "taxpayers" think, why go? They could put the lot up at a Motel 6 in Podunk Hollow! How absurd! How arrogant! How expensive! LOL Hey, I'll bet ol' Nero is watchin' and sayin', "I should have been a Methodist!"

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago