Why Am I a United Methodist?



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I have the same question

And I am a traditionalist/classical Methodist. From my perspective it is not the IRD, Good News or the Wesleyan Covenant Association that is tearing the church apart but progressives who are no longer willing to abide by the designated processes of the church. And just because I disagree that same gender relationships are part of God's plan for us does not make me homophobic. Believing differently from you does not make me sinister--it just makes me different.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Progressive values?

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

But seriously, 4 pages of propping up the Progressive (socialist) path followed by a page of bashing Traditionalists. Then, bemoaning the fact that the UMC wasn’t completely Progressive, they had a blemish. So, you ask why you are still a Methodist?

I have Been a Methodist for all my 60 plus years. I have turned a blind eye when the left started following the fool hardy “global warming”agenda and redefining an unborn baby as if it were a cancerous sore that needed to be removed. But, performing gay marriages and having gay church leaders is where I draw the line in the sand. Enough with the changes. Let those who are not satisfied with the BOD as written, go their own way. They are the ones whose appetite for change cannot be quenched.

If, however, they somehow do get the BOD changed, I won’t be asking myself why I am a Methodist because I won’t be. Methodism will be dead to me.

Steve more than 3 years ago


Good gracious, Pete. Sinister??? I'm willing to give Progressives the benefit of doubt that they are acting in line with their conscience, even though it pains me and angers me when some openly flaunt our BOD, but I really don't want to think of those who disagree with my Tradionalist perspective as "sinister." That's why I favor two separate denominations in a Weslyan tradition in which both sides can find comfort and peace. That way both sides can work towards their missions in a peaceful Spritual manner. That doesn't mean I think those Methodists who don't view Scripture as do Traditionalists are "sinister." Maybe wrong, in my mind, but not "sinister."

John more than 3 years ago