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My turn

The UMC is the church of my birth as well. However, it is not the church I was baptized in and confirmed in. It has degraded into a secular social justice seeking morass of progressivism. It has stopped teaching God’s Word because some may be offended? What??? It is the Word of God for the people of God. If you are offended by that I suggest you listen closer and hear what he has to say and not what you want to hear. If you are engaging in homosexual behavior, that is a sin and you are a sinner. But, guess what? I am a sinner too, just as the people all around us are all sinners. But through Christ’s death on the cross and subsequent resurrection God in his infinite wisdom has provided us freedom from our sins if we repent and ask for his grace. Of course if you are clergy you should know all of this and it should be the very essence of what you should be teaching. Instead, as a progressive you focus on social justice issues and unity as your mantra. That is wrong and not what God intended, especially from those proclaiming to be UMC leaders. You should be teaching His Word, His Truth regardless of whom may be offended by it. It is okay to disagree and chasing unity is not as important as teaching His Word. My wife and I disagree all the time, but we still love each other and have made God’s Word at the center of our marriage for more than 40 years. I have been resisting the progressive takeover of the UMC in small ways for a number of years - walking out on sermons, turning my back on the pastor’s social justice blathering and refusing to participate in gay pride activities. (Side note why would we celebrate sinful behavior? We don’t celebrate Murder’s Pride Day or Child Molester’s Pride Day, or celebrate any other sinful ways, so why celebrate Gay Pride? In the weeks and months leading up to GC2019, I prayed hard that God would allow the Traditionalist Plan to pass, and he did. It is the first sign that God is listening and that following His Word is more important than being unified following a non-Biblical course. If you and other progressives are intent on following the social justice, secular course of unity over a Biblical course, by all means go right ahead. Just don’t do it under the UMC umbrella. Start your own secular, humanist church as those teachings have nothing to do with the true UMC.

Steve more than 2 years ago

Whose Word are you following?

On the level of Christianity as a whole- where and when does Jesus Christ Our Saviour condemn homosexuals? When was he conservative, as opposed to explicitly progressive? When was he hateful? The only time Christ showed anger and rejected people was the money changers in the temple- those who utilized others’ faith to line there own pockets.

Whose Word are you following? Levetican law explicitly rejected by Jesus as less important than faith and love? Paul, who stated celibacy was the best state for all people? The sermons of long dead men who systematically cut out parts of the gospels that did not support their values and power, such as how much of Jesus’ ministry and travels were funded by women? You clearly are not following the example of Christ.

On the subject of the UMC- I expected a sect that preaches service, faith, and outreach, I expected that church, my church, to embrace people who are as God made them. There are people who are heterosexual who turn their back on their neighbors and on Christ’s love. There are people who are homosexual that are exemplars of faith and service. I stand with the latter, not with the former, but know that wherever I stand, I hold my arms open and my hands out hoping for the day you stop turning your back and walking away.

Kathryn Albert more than 2 years ago

God’s Word

I follow God’s Word which is clear in Romans, 1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, Matthew, and Leviticus that homosexuality is a sin and marriage is between a man and a woman.

I don’t hate anyone as explained in my other posts on these boards. I believe in hate the sin and love the sinner. But you church leaders whom are overwhelmingly progressive have bought into the false narrative that hating homosexual behavior means I hate homosexual individuals. Somehow In your mind calling homosexual behavior as sinful is non-inclusive andthat seems to be more important than teaching the Word of God? That’s not right. We are all sinners and we are all included in the Kingdom of God. But to not preach the truth because it may not be perceived as inclusive is just wrong.

So, instead of teaching God’s Word my church leaders instead focus on secular social justice issues like global warming, White privilege, gun control, Black Lives Matter illegal immigration, etc. One sermoncastigated those of us who voted for Donald Trump. I am a proud Tea Party conservative and don’t’ want my church leaders preaching about secular social justice issues, especially when their position consistently disagrees with my values and the previous church teaching I have experienced for more than 50 years as a UMC member. God’s Word didn’t change over those 50 years, only the words of broken man have changed.

Like you, I desire aUMC of faith, service and outreach but above all of these must be a church that preaches God’s Word. I want a church that is not so concerned with worrying about hurting someone’s feelings and is more concerned with delivering the Truth regardless of how that news may be received. I want a church that recites the Apostle’s Creed each Sundayandis not afraid of offending someone. I want a church that celebrates Memotial Day, Veterans Day, July 4th,Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, NOT Earth day and Gay Pride week.

I am a former chair of Missions and chair of Finance with my UMC churches over the past 50years as well as leading countless mission trips. All that to say I have a long history as an active UMC member. However, I stopped giving to my church and stopped attending when the UMC elected a gay bishop and gave up holding leaders accountable to the BOD. I will return to the UMC when progressives leave the UMC church or are held accountable for the damage they have wrought. The GC2019vote on the Traditionalist Plan was the first positive step in that direction.

Steve more than 2 years ago

G. C. 2019

Steve if you want the UMC to lose more members, especially the younger members and the more educated members, then by all means support the out dated Traditionalist Plan. If you want to attract younger and more educated members then vote to accept all God's Children, including our LBGTQAI friends and family members.

Carla and Robert Skidmore more than 2 years ago

I disagree entirely

Our focus must always be first and foremost on teaching God’s Word directly from the Bible, not some filtered version from some progressive academic designed not to offend or alienate the audience. I would rather teach truth to hundreds instead of false witness to thousands. It isn’t about making the message more attractive. It s about staying with a true and consistent message. I don’tcare about the age, race, nationality, or education of the audience we are reaching.

Steve more than 2 years ago

Very Elitiist of you both

Thinking only the less educated would back the Traditionalist Plan seems like a very elitist attitude, don’t you think? Of course that seems to be typical of progressives. They think they know better than the average person. However, I think you and your husband have it backwards. We average folk recognize that God has given us all free will. So, even though homosexuals may be born pre-disposed to homosexuality, they CHOOSE to commit sin, just as much as they choose what to wear each day, and just like another individual may choose to commit a crime. We don’t need church leaders who won’t repent of their own sins telling others to repent of their sins.

ps. Just for the record, as a scientist, I will put my education and intellect up against anyone’s. Thing is, I and others like me look at the LGBT issue based more on reason and not emotion. I take no joy in telling LGBT members they shouldn’t be church leaders. However, leaders must lead by example and thus choosing to sin rather than repent is not a good example.

Steve more than 2 years ago

G. C. 2019

My husband and I are sorely disappointed in the 2019 General Conference vote. The margin was thin so that gives me hope that the vote in 2020 will fully include our LBGTQAI sisters and brothers. Sadly, the nations other than the US are newer to the Bible and therefore take it literally. We, or most of us in the US realize that the Bible was written centuries ago, before it was realized that those who are LBGTQAI were born as they are and cannot change. The Bible must be read and viewed in the time and place in which it was written.

Carla & Robert Skidmore more than 2 years ago

Couldn’t Disagree more

Hopefully we will see some actions from the Traditionalist Plan ( defrocking, resignations of Progressive leaders) as well as continued growth of African and Asian members. The margins will continue to grow as God works to lead us out of our progressive “Hell hole”. As for the Bible, I don’t believe in viewing it as a “living” Bible any more than I don’t believe viewing the US Constitution as a “living” document. God’s Word hasn’t changed in the many years since the books of the Bible were first written. Whereas LGBT individuals can’t change who they are, they can change their sinful behavior. If they elect not to change their behavior, they have no credibility and should not be in any church leadership role

Steve more than 2 years ago