The Tone And Argument Police Have No Idea



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Geoffrey has here engaged in tone and argument policing to show that tone and argument policing are wrong. Ironic.

Drew McIntyre more than 7 years ago

The Last Word

"I know you are but what am I?" is not an argument. In fact, my point is that tone policing in general is both impossible and irrelevant on the internet. More voices, more voices willing to be loud, to dispense with niceties and propriety. I have no problem with people who prefer dignified conversation; I wish there was more of it. My point is the Internet is not a medium where that is possible, unless moderation and standards are upheld continuously, judiciously, and fairly. Most places on the internet have found this far too time-consuming and resource consuming. I firmly believe, also, that the demand that others follow particular codes of tone and argument that those persons themselves adhere to is a way to control the debate. I have made that abundantly clear, which is why I refuse to do so. Furthermore, it is unnecessary. If you actually read my post, you'd note that our discussions have been civil if heated, while creating the sideshow of tone-discussion rather than the real topic at hand - the future of the United Methodist Church. Which is why this is my last comment on the subject.

Geoffrey more than 7 years ago