Nobody Is Above Question



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Christianity Today once addressed this

...noting how evangelical churches are at times victimized by corrupt pastors and financial misdeeds. typically, grifters move to vulnerable congregations, worm their way into leadership, and then offer investment opportunities to victims which are essentially Ponzi schemes. When the schemes are offered to fellow parishioners as a "sure thing," those who dare to question it are rebuked because "Brother Broker is a 'Good Christian' (TM) and the accuser is the one looked upon with suspicion, not the great man. Few go up to the nay-sayers to offer, "Well, you were right..."after the grifter has got out while the getting was good, leaving town like a floating crap game. Sad situation, and the sexual assualts of children and adults by libidinous clergy and laity in leadership presents the same dynamic.

But we Methoidsts are not victimized quite so often, perhaps because of our willingness to question everything, from an overbearing preacher to the menu for the graduation banquet. Maybe in some way that shows the petty bickering in which we engage is actually a blessing in disguise.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago