Schism? Please. Merger Is the Answer



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This is a good post.
It is informative and challenging.
It is also a little bias.

To lump challenging issues all in one basket and all under the same title of discriminatory practice is not helpful. It immediately, in today’s culture, will get a negative defensive reaction from one party or the other.
The “big issue” of today is unique in many ways and to assume there is a “one way cures all ills” is not true with this challenge.

The word discriminate has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s culture.
It is always used in the negative and that is not always true.
We discriminate each and every time we make a decision.
We discriminate every time we choose what is right and what is wrong.
We discriminate when we chose Christ over any other God so let’s get things into context first.
Compromise demands give and take and the “big issue” would require one side or the other to compromise what each side deems uncompromisable

The UMC has reaffirmed the official position on the “big issue” for many years so why do they align themselves with other denominations that do not agree with the official position rather than denominations that do agree with the official position?
If “peace at all costs” means relinquishing the belief in this triune God we worship, Salvation by Grace, or the inability of the church to guide, direct and teach what is and is not acceptable practice in the church, what is the point? If we were to do that we would no longer be UMC and it would be questionable if we were a Christian Church at all.

Jesus said:
“I can do nothing on my own. I judge as God tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carry out the will of the one who sent me, not my own will“. John 5:30
And we need to learn what that “will” is. That is what the Christian Church teaches and aspires to do.

d more than 9 years ago


TEC is about the only denomination that makes our decline look better by comparison. How do you expect to get a GC to vote in favor of a merger even assuming that issues like apostolic succession can somehow be papered over? In order to interest the ELCA or anybody else, we would have to sweeten the pot at the expense of the current members of The UMC. Why would we agree to do that?

The real problem is that a number of people don't respect a democratic majority vote. It isn't as though the polity suddenly changed. Or, that the policy in question was a sudden reversal. In fact, both have been in place longer than you have been around. All that has been proven with recent events is that all the talk about holy conferencing and reasoning together was a smokescreen for the real agenda: doing whatever you want to do and asking the rest of us to subsidize you.

None of this is really about "acceptance." The real core issue is that there are a number of homosexual non-celibate clergy who have been ordained who want to be able to both serve openly and retain the benefits of being in a very generous denomination. This is despite the hard truth that they lied during their ordination vows and have been in violation of the Discipline every day since.

There are many ways to be a part of The UMC and to serve the Kingdom that don't involve ordination and appointment.

Creed Pogue more than 9 years ago