As GC2020 Nears, Fewer Keep to the Sidelines



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Hijacked from within

Our leadership have failed in their duty for many many years. Instructing ordination committees to only look for consistency in candidates NOT a faithful willingness to follow the United Methodist Discipline has been the problem for years and the reason the UMC is in such turmoil today. So as long as you are consistent in disagreeing and not following the discipline you can be ordained? Do Catholics, Baptists and other major dominations allow persons who clearly disagree and will not commit to follow the domination's discipline to become ordained? Of course not, that is ludicrous! But that is exactly what happened for years in the Methodist Church and now we are at an impasse from the lack of clear leadership. Why would a person want to be a part of a domination they clearly disagree with and cannot follow the discipline with integrity? Better question, why would the leaders of the domination allow this to happen? Suffice it to say, money and numbers are what appear to mean more to the some of our leaders, not all but several in key positions. We cannot serve the current culture expectations and Christ at the same time. Something many UMC leaders have conveniently forgotten. We have allowed our leaders to make this mess by not holding them accountable and it is past time to clean it up and split. That will be the only solution that both sides can live with, from my conversations with my fellow Methodists (Traditionalist and Progressives alike).

Tracy more than 1 year ago

GC 2020

“If the church is to remain united, it will depend on the will of the bishops and other denominational leaders to make bold stances on defining a new Methodist connectionism for the 21st century,” Avery-Quinn said.

“Whether Methodists can place their shared religious identity and shared heritage above their current political, tribal identities and accept a bipartisan solution remains to be seen.”

The last think we need is for our bishops to get involved. It is their feckless leadership that got us to this point. When tasked with finding a solution they came up with a loser. The next conference will require leaders who understand the irreconcilable nature of our conflict find a way to move through it with a fair split. The next batch of delegates will be better informed than ever. I expect an interesting GC 2020 and look forward to seeing what happens. If I don't like the result then it is on me to decide to stay or go.

Kevin more than 1 year ago