‘Next Generation UMC,’ ‘Indianapolis Plan' Outlined at Gathering



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The UMC collectively does a lot of good

And that is great. However, as I have experienced first hand, it fails to adequately disciple the individual in the pew. It fails when it comes to guiding people into a robust and life giving, life changing relationship with the triune God regardless of their circumstances. Whatever else John Wesley did, he never ever lost sight of his Priority #1: The individual and their relationship with God 24/7. Wesley never once approached the poor with a social justice initiative; rather, he approached them with the good news of God's love for each of them and then created a space where they could live into that love in the company of others.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Two plans

There are two main plans Indy and UMC Next. Plain Grace is too complicated and has the same issue as UMC next. The main issue with UMC Next is that it makes it almost impossible for a traditionalists church to leave. The 2/3 requirement is too high. My church is 90+ % traditional but there are enough change adverse members to prevent it from leaving. However my more committed members who make up my leaders and givers will not be part of a church that accepts lgbtq pastors. They will leave and in 10 to 15 years it will be another empty church. The Indy plan is much better. First it creates a traditionalists denomination. Given a choice between staying in a progressive umc or a traditional successor the overwhelming majority of traditionalists will support it. The difference is they are not being forced to leave for something unknown instead they are deciding between one of two established options. The Indy plan is the best plan for progressives too. Instead of traditionalists slowly leaking out they will leave in mass. This would leave progressives in charge of the UMC for the foreseeable future and they could implement all the goals of umc next. It would also allow the umc forward folks to achieve their goals. Practically UMC Next has no chance of passing. The central conferences will oppose it as will traditionalists and these two groups control the vote. The central conferences will probably oppose the Indy plan but if US progressives and traditionalists combine it will pass. This may well be the last GC where US delegates have the power to control the changes made. After this the central conferences will be increasingly in control and the UMC will take a hard right turn. Progressives will be forced to live in a denomination they disagree with or leave piecemeal. The only other option would be for AC's to declare independence and then possibly fight it out in court. The only logical choice is for all US factions to get together and support some version of the Indy plan. It's that or chaos. Pray on it!

Scott more than 1 year ago