Bishops' Group Backs U.S. Regional Conference



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The Bishops will try to maintain power

With the central conferences now out numbering the US the center of power will shift to Africa in 2024. The US bishops know that their time of running free and not being accountable is soon to end. They want this plan, because they can continue to live in their own little world that they can control. I don't agree with WCA even on the future role of Bishops. They should have no authority and if we have them at all they should strictly act as religious guides to their conferences. The appointment system needs to end. The conference should create a list of qualified ministers (elders and local) and allow the churches to interview from that list. For too long the appointment system has rotated lousy ministers from one charge to another, leaving a trail of declining churches behind them and has put ministers in churches whose personalities and theologies are opposite. I've watched a local church lose over half it's membership in less than two years due to a pastoral appointment that was doomed from the start. I and the rest of the district knew it was a mistake before we learned the pastor's name. Are churches are not full of ideal people and expecting them to act that way is foolish. We want to change them, but a church that is happy with itself will not make a radical change and trying to force it to do so will only kill it. It takes time and patience! We are stuck with an adaptation of a 17th and 18th circut rider system in the 21st system. It is time to get out of our boxes and stop trying to recreate the past.

Scott 177 days ago

will not pass

Wasting time and precious resources trying to come up with a failed plan to stay together. Will not happen, the so called leaders should focus on following what the people want and not just trying to save their own salaries. Both sides desire a split, anything other than that will not work and just cause more pain and anguish on both sides.

Lynn 177 days ago

Regional Conference

“However, creating the regional conference requires multiple constitutional amendments — a high hurdle. For ratification, amendments must receive at least a two-thirds vote at General Conference and at least two-thirds of the total votes at annual conferences.”
You could have led with this and saved us a lot of reading time. This proposal will not pass.

Kevin 177 days ago

But it does have the benefit of kicking the can.

The bishops are just trying to get past the next GC.

William 173 days ago

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