Can We All Now Realize That the United Methodist Church is a Global Church?



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Let the church be in ministry

Thank you, Rev. Nayarota, for your insightful comments. I am reminded of my visit to Korean Methodists in 1999. They were bemoaning the decline of their church, blaming young people’s interest in entertainment. One bishop who had worked with the freedom movement in the 1980s when the church was growing said this: the Korean Methodist Church in the 80s grew because it served people’s needs - fed them, helped them find housing and jobs, and stood with them in protests for freedom. When the church forgot to serve the people and focused more on their budgets and membership and status, people quit taking notice and the church began to decline. Thanks to you and to all of the faithful in Africa who continue to serve all people in Christ’s name.

Rev.Steven Sprecher more than 1 year ago

More and more interesting

This appears as if the African contingent might be in agreement with the Filipino contingent.

I'm interested in how Good News tries to spin this.

JR more than 1 year ago

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