Holy Negotiation, Linkage, Leverage and Intensity

A Mediator's View of a Likely Process at GC2020



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This is not new. The unity at any cost supporters try to maintain the narrative that we should not divide over a difference of opinion. This approach minimizes the beliefs of the traditionalists. And the polls that reflect overwhelmingly that most members do not want to see The UMC divided failed to take into account the deeply held beliefs of many. The follow up question on those polls should be "Are you willing to let go of your beliefs to maintain unity?" For many the answer is a resounding "No". Now we are being asked if we are willing to sacrifice connectionalism for unity. This is a head scratcher since we would have to redefine Methodist unity in that case and would it truly be unity.
To bad this author was not around to advise the commission on the way forward. Maybe they would have approached the solution differently. Too late now. This roller coaster is off and running and we have to ride it out. Our dilemma might have lent itself to a game theory problem. Maybe the commission should have had a mathematician help them out.

Kevin more than 1 year ago