The Current Three-Way Standoff in the UMC



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There seems to be no significant difference in those who call themselves “Centrists” and Progressives. You might as well call it a split, as in a Two-way. Progressives refuse to accept the time honored Christian stance on sexuality, preferring their own.

Isaiah 29:13 “The Lord said:
Because these people approach Me with their mouths
to honor Me with lip-service -
yet their hearts are far from Me,
and their worship [consists of] man-made rules...” CSB

Skipper more than 1 year ago

I think you're correct; for that, I'm termed a "troll"

I grew up Catholic, but after marriage sought religious harmony with my wife and moved first a UCC church, then to a Methodist Church for the past 25 years. While I have ardently studied the Bible during this time, I don't pretend to be a Biblical scholar. When I asked of three UMC pastors -- two current, one retired -- what I was missing in my Biblical understanding about sexuality, the response received was (respectively) "Troll"; "Troll"; and "I think you should find another church". I did. I'm a Christian, not a Methodist.

Stephen J Tock more than 1 year ago

The Umbrella Plan

The Indianapolis Plan is just a big umbrella plan covering different entities and calling them Methodist. It is like a big Bank, Insurance Co. or a Prime Contractor controlling smaller entities to administrate a One Unit for a designated goal of staying together or end product. A central control Unit must be inaugurated to control all the units that will be under the Umbrella of Methodism. All 3 Plans are tenable to be passed as there is not enough cohesion for a good outcome in the short time left until GC2020.

Roger more than 1 year ago

Lets not settle the conflict by opinion but by the Bible.

The standoff is only a standoff if you argue over what the BOD says in referencing the bible instead of what the bible says about the beliefs of a Christian. There is no ambiguity. The BOD is properly referencing the bible like John Wesley instructed and thus those who go against it are wrong and need corrected. We have rights to have opinions but when they are in conflict with God, they are not opinions that are valid.

Brian Evers more than 1 year ago

A standoff is a standoff...

My initial response to this "Mexican" reference is disappointment in UM Insight. While the article may offer an examination of the UMC conflict, the language it is couched in only highlights the ethnocentric perspective of the writer and ultimately detracts from any value the article has to offer. A stand-off is a stalemate. The notion that adding the proper adjective, "Mexican," does not clarify the situation, it complicates it. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott, including this language and the closing paragraph reflect a callous, self-serving insensitivity that may be essentially much closer to the root of all the UMC conflicts which ever side of the stand-off one occupies.

Virginia Moreno more than 1 year ago

Please explain..

How does the use of the word "Mexican" complicate, dillute, or change the description of the situation in any way?

Dave more than 1 year ago

Stand off

Excellent analogy. In the movie one of them was killed and the other two split the gold. GC 2020 is going to be very interesting. The African vote looks to be key. It does not seem as if the authors of the proposed solutions have engaged our African Methodists enough. We could get gridlocked.

Kevin more than 1 year ago


I know you changed the title but I wish you would eliminate the Mexican standoff reference altogether. That being said your assessment is correct and I now believe we will have another decisive gc next year that will settle nothing. Too many sides wanting there way not willing to come to a compromise. Maybe in 20 years the Africans will have the votes to enforce a traditional theology and rid us of theological pluralism, if they maintain their unified stance. Until then we will be in the same mess. I will be long retired before this mess is solved unless peacemaking breaks out and egos disappear. But by then the laity on all sides will disappear and the UMC will be a shell of its former self in the US. Sorry to be a downer.

Scott more than 1 year ago

Sadly, I think you are right

I think that the downward trend of the UMC will only accelerate from all of this conflict. By the time the various sides get into honest and open dialogue (and chucking plans over the wall at each other isn't it), the UMC will be left with a husk.

If we're all lucky, something good will emerge from all of this. My expectations are low.

JR more than 1 year ago