Confirmed: Voter Fraud at General Conference 2019



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No surprise at all

The entire basis of right-wing ideology is bullying and raw naked power. The desire to maintain it justifies the adherents to act unethically, though their goal of dominance and power is itself unethical as well. Of course 48% of all delegates didn't want an independent investigation because they do not want the truth to be revealed. The entire edifice is a "Potempkin Villiage" - a one-sided facade designed to fool the gullible. No God worth worshiping would bother to create individuals whose love map directs them toward the same gender or into another gender identity besides the one in which they were schooled. The desperate clinging to power and control is part and parcel of the loss of it. The only way the right can win is through subterfuge and crime. This is just a microcosm of what is happening all around the world. Cynical manipulators like Renfroe and Lambrecht lead their devotees into oblivion.

As always, some right-wing dead enders here always get back to the thing they love the most: numbers. they blame progressives for losses in membership while church membership is down everywhere. Nobody under 40 wants to be part of a cult steeped in bigotry led by criminals.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago


If I were in the African church and denied GC representation because of visa problems, I would not be happy. Some sort of proxy system needs to be established when it it not possible to get a body in the room. Also, church membership, the basis of the number of delegates, has been called into question in many places. If you cannot have honesty in a church setting, it is time to give up.

David more than 1 year ago

Voter fraud

We have rules within The UMC. People need to follow the rules and adhere to procedures. If our leadership fails to enforce the rules it undermines trust and confidence resulting in endless legalistic bickering, charges, countercharges, more and more rules to close potential loopholes. We can't have that. It would paralyze us and inhibit our ability to engage in mission.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

So what?

Read the writing on the wall: The United Methodist Church is done for no matter what!

Even if all this is true--beyond the 4 fraudulent delegates that is--the reason we are in this mess is not because of what General Conference decided it is because there are those who decided that they are no longer required to abide by what General Conference decides and now you are looking to justify your defiance.

However, our problems don't end there. There is the theological plurality that has been allowed to take root, producing theological factions that are at war with each other: Even if General Conference had gone the other direction we would still be in this mess because the other side would be calling foul.

And last but not least, let us not forget the third factor at play: 50 years and counting of uninterrupted numerical decline that has been shown to have the capability to make the denomination unsustainable over the next several decades.

There is no future for the United Methodist Church as it now exists! It is already a dead sect because for too long too many good-hearted people have been filling in the blanks of what it means to be a United Methodist based on their own understandings and perceptions! Right now, we could not agree on the best way to get out of a paper bag much less agree on what it means to be a church!

betsy more than 1 year ago