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A Wesleyan view of One Church model

"John Wesley did not believe Methodism could exist apart from clarity about what holy living looked like.

So, how have we gotten here? How can any United Methodist say with any credibility that the solution to the denominational crisis related to gay marriage is to agree to disagree, to do one thing in some places and the opposite in other places?

I wonder if one of the greatest threats to contemporary Methodism is the idea that we can have meaningful unity without agreement on holy living, that such incoherence and confusion is a kind of virtue, a form of tolerance and charity. The truth is that there can be no meaningful unity for the people called Methodists apart from a shared commitment to a specific vision for holy living, which inevitably includes sexual ethics.

An attempt to be unified as Methodists by intentionally rejecting the possibility of unity around holy living is at the same time an abandonment of Methodism itself."https://vitalpiety.com/2018/06/08/holiness-is-essential-to-our-unity-umc/

The entire article is an accurate Wesleyan understanding of the General Rules and the catholic spirit. The responses to this article are also a good read.

betsy more than 3 years ago

The United Methodist Church is not catholic

It is only one small part of the much larger catholic/universal church that holds some core beliefs in common but allows different denominations to embrace beliefs that are unique to just them. The United Methodist Church is a unique denomination within the much larger holy catholic/universal Church. Just one more understanding fueling the great divide that the United Methodist Church has become. As for me, I am tired of the muddle and the never ending discussion. The United Methodist Church needs to stop fiddling with Christianity and embrace something! The Bishops are greatly underestimating the frustration of laity.

betsy more than 3 years ago

One Church Model Furthers Bigotry

It is not possible for a GLBT member to survive in a Church that fails to receive him with love.

The One Church model allows bigotry and bullying to continue. I have waited 58 years to see the UMC extend the love of Christ to me. I will not remain in the church if any portion of the UMC is permitted to continue to bully me.

Ben more than 3 years ago


I don't think it's 'bullying' to adhere to the actual Biblical teachings on homosexuality. John 8 gives us a great example on how to interact with someone caught up in sexual immorality. After saving the adulteress from stoning, Christ told the woman that he would not condemn her, but that she to "go and sin no more". I think the same approach should be applied to this situation: we as a church must not condemn homosexuality - for we are all sinners; but neither should we shy away from insisting that those engaging in homosexual acts 'sin no more'.

Michael Lubes more than 3 years ago


As you pointed out, to be holy is to be set apart, different. Jesus calls us to be different than society, to follow him. All the letters to the churches included in the Bible are to churches embracing what society is doing and not following Jesus. We cannot have unity and do our own thing and it is incredible for anyone to think so. The one church plan promotes disunity.

Carl more than 3 years ago

One-Church plan and disunity:

I agree that the One-Church plan does promote disunity. But that is because it recognizes reality: that the Denomination is not yet unified. Over time, acceptance of the LGBT community will continue to increase. This plan allows the members and groups within the UMC to work towards acceptance and tolerance at their own speed.

B.A. Robinson more than 3 years ago