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Fine Print

Thank you for your charitable comments, Frank. As a member of the WCA Council (although I was not present on the call where the endorsement was passed), my impression is that the negotiated plan of separation reflects either the Indianapolis Plan or one similar to it that has yet to be negotiated. The Indianapolis Plan is acceptable to the WCA Council as a compromise plan. We're not happy with everything in it, but we are willing to support it as the best option for a constructive way forward. But if another plan is negotiated and agreed upon with our participation, we could support that one instead. Without some plan for amicable separation, however, we are thrown back into the conflict and will need to advocate for finishing the Traditional Plan.
BTW, as reported in UM News Service in July, a conversation is currently going on among representatives of the traditionalist, centrist, progressive, and central conference groups. That multi-lateral conversation is the one most likely to result in another compromise plan.

Rev. Thomas Lambrecht 260 days ago

wca fine print

Away with him..."First let's kill all of the lawyers," (Henry VI, part 2, Act IV, scene 2). Frank is coming across as reasonable, balanced, nuanced, insightful, informed. Has he forgotten he's blogging about the UMC? So...I await his next offering and, unlike Shakespeare, I hope he lives a long live, beginning with surviving his time as a delegate at GC2020.

Bob 262 days ago

I do like the PGP

I think your plan is well thought out. I've actually read the whole plan (once).

Unfortunately, I think that without support of the Big Powers (UMNext and WCA), it unfortunately doesn't stand a chance to pass. Like the CCP from GC2019, it's going to be disregarded.

Sometimes we can't even get out of our own way.

JR 263 days ago

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