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thread of hope

Good words. We have one military but several branches that brings its specific gifts and abilities to the collective mission of national defense. If no option can be developed that enables us to maintain full institutional unity without many asked to store their conscience in the back room, ample precedent exists for a "mitosis" within the body of Christ, a gracious focus on realigning the organization while retaining our collective mission. This can be done without recrimination and legal battles and in ways that preserves and even strengthens support for regions where the denomination is surging in growth. "Every organization is perfectly aligned to the results it gets," and beyond issues of sexuality, our 50 year alignment to decline must end...before we do. I share this NOT to advocate division as a first option but to make clear that, IF conscience and differing approaches to scripture prevent a one-size-must-fit-all approach, alternatives that also honor Christ's prayer for unity are available. Ask the Salvation Army about what spiritual mitosis from the established order can do when God is present.

Bob more than 4 years ago