Where Do We Go from Here?

Challenging the UMC's Will to Dominate



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The difference between us

You believe one way. I believe another. The problem is you approach that difference with a determination that if I do not believe as you do then somehow I am a failure as a human and am causing great harm. I approach it from a much simpler perspective: we disagree and you are entitled to your beliefs just like I am entitled to mine. You have my blessing to believe as you see best. It would be helpful if you could do the same for me. If you walk into my retail establishment I will treat you with all due respect and courtesy. However, when it comes to matters of God, I will defer to those who believe as I do. Which brings us to the real problem of The United Methodist Church is that strongly held convictions that contradict each other are trying to occupy the same space and it is just not working.

betsy more than 4 years ago


"What's clear is that domination is at work throughout the church...."

Exactly. Heterosexual males continue to exert control, to seek to dominate others. This is all about their need for power, control, domination.

No good can come from those who seek to dominate others.

Ben more than 4 years ago


A couple of poorly worded amendments the purpose of which was not well explained to the delegates did not pass. Has anyone considered that the people who voted against these amendments did so after considerable discussion among themselves and after praying about their votes? To put forth a motivation that borders on a conspiracy theory is ridiculous. I watched the delegates in my conference agonize over their votes. They prayed. They asked questions and they prayed some more. These are dedicated people who gave up work or vacation time to come together and do the best they could for their church. Simply because the vote did not go the way you liked does not mean these people were trying to dominate anyone. You should consider that maybe just maybe the Holy Spirit was with these delegates and the vote went the correct way. These delegates were voting as they saw proper to do. Who are you to say what is or is not God's will? We have a collective body that decides for The UMC and they have decided.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

Prayer Before Lynchings

Prayer does not guarantee righteous acts. In the days of the Jim Crow laws, many a Sunday church service was followed by a potluck and lynching.

Church-goers enjoy a long history of following up prayer with evil acts. Why would we believe the current situation to be any different?

Ben more than 4 years ago